NM Holocaust Museum Logo Poster of Intolerance

As a thank you gift to our donors, we have created the NM Holocaust & Intolerance Museum's Poster of Intolerance. You can't buy this poster, but you can receive a FREE copy with a donation of $25 or more to support our efforts. For more information about receiving your own copy of this poster, please visit our Gifts and Donations page.

As you move your mouse over each picture in the poster, you will see some text describing that section of the poster. If you wish to see a larger version of the image, simply click on it and a new window will open containing a more detailed view along with the text description.

On June 11, 1942, the Nazis shot men in Lidice, Czechoslovakia and deported all of the women to concentration camps. The village was wiped off the face of the earth. Chinese laborers in the United States were often the objects of ridicule and physical abuse. At the beginning of World War II, following the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan, Japanese Americans were sent to relocation camps away from the West Coast. It was assumed that all Japanese Americans were spies for Japan. This sign was posted in public and businesses. This Nazi propaganda poster was used to stress the party line that Orientals, Black people, Arabs, and Jews were a "sub-human" group. In the segregated South, people of color were forced to use separate drinking fountains and ride in the back of the bus. Hitler stole the symbol of the Swastika from the Native Americans and from the Hindus of India. Caricature of a Native American. Patches used by Nazis to isolate and identify groups in prison camps and ghettos. Cross burning in the United States by the Klu Klux Klan. Two little Jewish boys, under the Nazi regime, wearing the yellow Star of David. Two Black men, in the American South, who were victims of lynching and hanging, which was a common occurance in the past. The Nazis forced Homosexuals to wear a pink triangle. The Confederate flag that is still a symbol of contention. Public showers were segregated - no person of color was permitted to use white showers. Armenian girls were captured and sold as slaves by Ottoman Turks. The death camp incinerators were used to burn bodies of the gassed prisoners. The white man attempted to annihilate all Native Americans during the move to settle the American West.

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